Saturday, November 24, 2007


Irony; Wishing and being afraid of ignorance at the same time,for it is true, ignorance is bliss.

Why is it that when our minds are nearly exploding with thoughts, we implode instead, keeping it all inside, suffering.
Perhaps a defense mechanism, for those around us, everyone hates emos. The ones who do explode, we have a name for them. some call them outgoing, some call them attention whores.
in the end, its all about our intentions.

Music sure is interesting, even more so, its effect
emotion stirring, thought provoking, instigating unknown feelings, so i shall spare my notepad.

Self elitists are so fucking irritating, sadder is their integral belief that they are elite.I W O U L D K N O W.
they are everywhere, some media sadly further encourages them to double their attitude with vehemence. a prime example would be the internet.
a most cureious creation.
one word can come close to describing it; behemoth. probably the most powerful invention of the century, ever growing, ever expanding.
information overflowing in the underwater pipes, the lengths of fibers.
the scary assortment of the most organised and most random sequences of useless to inforamation we cant live without.
G o o G l e , statistics speak for it, millions use it daily, its minimalism most impressive, yet its internals utilising most complex and advanced protocols, hardware, and most important of all, coding.

If your reading this, whoever you are, then i am currently thinking of sharing this as i write, which serves no point, random blabbings as i once called this type of random typing into notepad.

Typing is strangely satisfying, the sound of the keystrokes, low in the mystic beats of my random play on winamp. my mind at a rare peace, the house empty, thoughts flying, chess in mind, for some reason, a random song i didnt hear in a very long time "lost guide" , hope i can find it somewhere, didnt find it on my pc.

Slowly, this could be turning into a blog entry, a new type of blogging, just for the sake of it, consisting of FTP and .txts. lal.

ive been delving deeper and deeper into The scene, warez, piracy, the more i find about it, the more i am amazed by it, the intricate infrastructure, the strict protocols, the dedication of its members, the enthusiasm of its following, definitely awe-inspiring.

The sunset and moon were equally beautiful yesterday, the 23d. Beautiful round red sun, fading into the distance, the equally round, full moon, with its visible imperfections, increasing its beauty, the gentle cold breeze brushing against my bald head. definitely peacefully fulfilling. with every passing day, i fall more and more in love with nature and minimalism, dreaming of a solitary life in the wild, private island, middle of the desert, waterfalls, jungles, would be nice to live alone or with a loved one while they last.
the loved ones, and the nature.

i wonder if this is all out of boredom,loneliness or the aforementioned near implosion.

who knows.
who cares.

watched the matrix trilogy this week, definitely a movie i love, like most great movies, it has a love/hate following. some call it genius, others blasphemous.again

who knows.
who cares.

it is entertaining, thought evoking,... i cant do this, everytime i try to describe a movie or game or song, i remember amazing reviews ive read, particularily the one on imdb for lost in translation, had it saved somewhere, will post it later. if i decide to ever post this offcource.

edit : this is the review.
Breathtaking and beautiful - improves on second viewing
, 7 December 2003
Author: moviefan08 (

colors are amazing, i can stare infront of me with a hollow gaze for a long time, just taking it all in, the digital vibrance of my screen, the beautiful contrast of the horizon, everyday objects, cars, life flowing.

this is it for this session, i still cant let everything inside me out, whether to a person, or a secret diary. my secrets are mine, i have proven it to myself on many occasions.

a reminder : i fucking love minimalism, i hope its portrayed in the above, my latest change, clothing, writing, talking, attitude. hope.

hej da -1
i crack me up. (hej da(however the fuck its spelled, is hello, i think, if i remember ikea right) and -1 implies the inverse of whats before it, so yea, ha ha.)

.. a few minutes later, i opened notepad again.

i have this thing in my nature, where i cant fully enjoy something if i dont share it, this extreme urge to share what i love, be it a movie, song or book, even an idea. i just have to know that someone else enjoyed it.

i am off.

reminder 2 : grammar, punctuation and sense were not checked. this is probably full of crap.

reminder 3 : decided i am too lazy to set up the ftp/txt shit, when i already have an idle blog.

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