Saturday, January 12, 2008


Its 4:28 AM, i am tired, very tired.
My sister's wedding was yesterday, I wore a hitman suit (red tie,white shirt, rest black)
It was fun, awesome food, good pics, etc.
I am up late coz i am making a project for a friend -.-
very tired...

Sunday, January 6, 2008


I've been having a very busy and tiring week.. thus the lack of posts, going out, cs tournaments, sleeping. barely keeping up with myself, let alone keeping YOU up.

Watched Death Sentence 2 days ago or so in the cinema, not a bad action movie, half decent story, but the last 20minutes wouldnt have been out of place in a malbari action movie.

I re-discovered this awesome song by Tiesto, Olympic something, forgot its name, will check later when on pc, and add to Music.
Maybe i'll write a poem later tonight, just for the sake of it.

I've been playing counter strike in European servers today, with some friends who live there, and some guys in Dubai, ~130ping, which is good enough to place decently, gaining a lot of experience from scrimming there, fun shit. maybe i'll be joining some cups soon.

The weather today was really nice, finally a bit of cold and clouds after a week of intense sun and heat. i enjoyed cycling around in the cold wearing nothing but shorts and a t-shirt.

My university is gonna start really soon, less than a month now.
Orientation and some events throughout the month. Cant say i am excited, but i am looking forward to this new atmosphere. The studies seem to be awfully tedious. that sucks. Specially the first year, which is common for all Engineering majors.

I now have a new email address, wee.
finally decided my old one was too long, and made a new one, will be using both though. since all my accounts are registered on the old one, too much of a bother to change everything.
but i will be idling on msn with the new one.

Double Alexandrian Apple is .....
fucking phenomenal..

Thats it for now, BAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!eleven

Edit : Wrote and posted a new Poem, i think its my worst yet. Click here

Edit 2 : Came across this poem i saw online and loved :
"I am lying alone with my head on the phone
Thinking of you till it hurts
I know your hurt too but what else can we do.
Tormented and torn apart"

Edit 3 : It turns out the above lines are from a song "All out of love" by Air Supply