Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sleepy Awakening

3:20 AM

I am exhausted....
I shouldnt have been tempted into coffee, now I am really tired and cant sleep at all. Not nice.
This is like having a knight in a bad situation, you really want to get him out but he's stuck there, unusable.

I am currently watching memento, very interesting movie, surprised I didnt watch it till now. Started reading a book, Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt. Seems like an interesting read, the first page was about how it sucks to be a wet catholic Irish child. mmmkay.
I really hate the fact that i cant find any good books to read, I cant finish a book if its not nice, discourages me from reading at all, makes me really picky. I tried reading this book 2 weeks ago; The Road, pseudo artsy piece of shit.

Beautiful night, took some night photographs, my first successful ones. ever. There has been a lot of clouds these days, rain is finally coming our way.

I learned a new word today "cacophony"
boo-ya, sorry about the useless post.

Afternoon Mornings

Just had morning coffee for the first time in a very long time.I used to save coffee for times of need, so that my body doesn't develop any tolerance for it, but I really felt like drinking some coffee this morning.

Yesterday's biking was the first one I hated, it was really windy, making it harder to pedal AND blowing sand into my eyes and face, so by the time I returned home, I could barely see or feel.Sad really, because this is the best weather in Dubai. I was happy again an hour later, after a relaxing hot bath followed by a jolting cold shower. Amazing way to recharge.

Finally watched The Ten last night, definitely a movie I'd recommend, really entertaining watch. Lots of Homosexual references though, the writer might be gay. Still, all in all, a fun movie. I might finally watch The Kingdom, disappointing that I didnt get a chance to watch it in the Theatre when it was released, but I couldn't go when my friends went, and they couldnt go when I could. So, everyone but me managed to see it. An R5 with Russian audio has been released, so an English one should be due today.

Been Adding a lot of Music to the Music post today.

I am really in love with chess these days, been playing for hours daily. Once I feel potent enough, I'll start challenging friends and shit. We'll see.

This is it for now.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007




No idea why.

This is forming.

Into a very nice shape.

My physics test yesterday went as well as i expected it not to, around a third of it was stuff i never heard off, that i had to guess off, which is still decent, since its multiple choice, 25% chance off each guess.

Been playing a lot of chess lately, on my computer. Chessmaster : Grandmaster Edition, i used to play the older version of this game 2 years ago, it has great tutorials, which i am going through now.

I had a weird thing today, nothing was downloading....
everything i wanted has finished at night.
It was a weird feeling, this hasnt happened in around 2months.
But it didnt last for long, i set up my rss to auto-download some freeleech to seed, so its all busy again.

When will people realise, that being miserable of your imperfection, rather than embracing it and recoiling better in your tough spots, is what forms a better person. probably never.

I have a headache forming now, great.

Ahh, I decided to slowly try to fix my grammer, spellings ,etc.
However, i am gonna do it all manually, with each post, I'll try to be more and more careful, but I will never use spell checkers or anything, the usual method of writing into Notepad, and Copy.Paste.

Heroes was released today, too bad the High definition release was by Dimensions, one of the shittiest HD encoders, so I had to settle for the standard HDTV. Ah well, still not in the mood to watch though.
Watched some Ugly betty this morning, not a bad show for mornings. A dead son just returned as a very much alive daughter. Weird plot twist.

I got the movie 'The Ten' yesterday, it seems interesting, a friend of mine saw it in a film festival and said it was worth a watch. I think its a limited release movie. Will check it out later tonight.

The coming weekend is gonna be interesting, My uncle is coming to the country on Thursday, from Mordor. Woops, I meant abroad.
Then a friend's birthday later, should be entertaining. Friday is gonna be a regular friday, Prayer, Relaxing, maybe I'll go Biking again. And finally Saturday, still confidential, but if the person I am trying to organise it with doesnt fucking respond, then 3 people are gonna be disappointed. One, Sympathetic to the deflation of another.

Haven't listened to any music today, but I will keep my Music post updated, with Music my (Winamp set to random) will turn up with.


Monday, November 26, 2007

Physics and Movies

I have a physics exam in 2 hours
half of it is gonna be from lessons from the year i skipped, the other half is from the stuff i took 3 years ago that i cant remember.
i solved a sample paper, the only available on the university site, hoping for the best.
had a redbull and Mars chocolate, hyper as fuck now.
coding and scripting are awesome, a friend of mine just made a little application that watches a directory for a new .torrent file and a directory with the same name, extract the RARs and determine the tv show name and place it in the correct directory, fucking sweet. damn the scene for their rar'ing rules, i understand the need for them, but it feels retarded for a 180mb tv show, or 8gb+ HD movie or Game image. ah well, still thankful to the scene and its rigid rules, keeps shit together.
Witnessed a few nuke wars, fucking funny to watch. i doubt anyone reading this, if any, knows what the fuck a nuke war is. ah well.
Downloaded a few movies off the best HD tracker, that had freeleech for 2 straight days :D

Already seen them all, except memento, but not in High Definition, so should be a fun watch.
Memento had good reviews on IMDB so it better be good.
The uaecommunity blog is becoming increasingly boring and irritating, whining has limits.
I need decent speakers, my Technics Headphones recently broke, which fucking stinks, theyr still functioning properly, but one of the earphones got dislocated a bit, so i have to fix it , wear it, then when i remove it , its fucked again, not urgent, but decently needed.

DJ Tiesto\Best_of_the_Djs_vol.3_-_Dj_Tiesto_-_The_Magikan_(3_cd's)\Cd3\06_dj_tiesto-sparkles_magikal_radio_edit-2db.mp3
is a great song, ah crap, should put that in the music post.

This is it for now, i think, still considering making the 'blog' with proper grammar, punctuation ,capitalization n shit, but donno, sounds boring... typing freely into notepad is a privelage i love.

alright then. later.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


I will add songs I like whenever they play. (if anyone wants any of those songs, tell me in comments)

Balearic Bill - Destination Sunshine (DJ Tiesto Dub Remix)
Yahel - Voyage
Finished Symphony - Hybrid.mp3
DJ Tiesto - Sparkles (Magikal Radio Edit)
Dream Dance Alliance - Piano
Scoop - Wings Of Love (Original Club Mix)
Darude - Rush
Hilltop Hoods - The Nosebleed Section
Humate Love Stimulation (Paul Van Dyk Remix)
Hybrid - Airless
Mo Do - Einz Swei Polizei (funny vocals, but cool song)
Daft Punk - Da Funk (gotta love that fucking bass)
Madeleine Peyroux - Between the Bars ( i know its a fucking cover)
Energy 52 - Cafe del Mar
Nobuo Uematsu - To Zanarkand
Supermode - Tell me why
Scotty feat. MC Sherlock - Insomnia 2006
Debussy, Claude - Arabesque No. 1
Pirates Of The Caribbean Jack's Suite (Paul Oakenfold Mix)
Sakin and friends - For the love of a princess (Scott Project Radio Mix)
Oasis - Wonderwall
The Drill - The Drill
PPK - Resurrection
Yui Makino - Clair de Lune (from 'Suite Bergamasque')
DJ Machine at wallringtunnel - 7 days 1 week 2006(DJ Brush time tunnel 11 radio mix)
Dj Carbunk1e - solitude (anime remix)
Kyau and Albert - Are You Fine
Twisted Society - killer.mp3
Armin - Communication
Clint Mansell (Featuring Kronos Quartet) - Summer Overture.mp3
Airless - Hybrid
Dj Tiesto - Olympic Flame
Michael Andrews Feat. Gary Jules - Mad World
Familiar Faces - Mad World
Craig Armstrong - As if you said nothing
Felix - Dont you want me
Diving Faces - Liquid child
Paul Vinitsky - Iron tyskhra remix
Ghostcauldron - Look back see forward
DJ Sammy and Yanou featuring Do - Heaven
Oceanlab - Sirens of the Sea (Kyau vs Albert Vocal Mix)
Paul Vinitsky - Irony (Tsykhra Remix)
Tilt - The world doesnt know
Ron van Beuken - Timeless
Carlos - The Silmarilia
Groove coverage - 7 years and 50 days
Olive - You're not alone
Synergy - Hello Strings
DJ Carbunk1e - Solitude
Leon Bolier - Ocean Drive Boulevard
Moby - Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad (Ferry Corsten Remix)
Velure - Words to speak
8Bit - Pseudoacoustic Day
Rune - Calabria
Secret Garden - Heartstrings
DJ Dean - Kick Da Bass (Ampire Remix)
Daft Punk vs Robbie Rivera - One More Time
Infected Mushroom - Pletztubra
Gigi D'agostino - La Passion
Gigi D'agostino - Baci & Abbaracci
Gigi D'agostino - L'Amour Toujours
DJ Tiesto - A tear in the open
ATB - Timeless
Paul Oakenfold & Amoebassasin - Get out of my life now
Hanz Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard - Now we are free
Neneh Cherry - Somedays
Frank Raven - Friends (Pulsedriver Remix)
Johan Gielen - Show me what you got
Planet Perfecto - Bullet in the gun
Ziggy X - Free your mind
The Legion of Doom - At your funeral for a friend (saves the day vs funeral for a friend)
Tiesto - Elements of Life
Richard Durand - Ledged up
Milk Inc. - Walk On Water
Ian Van Dahl - Castles In The Sky
Peter Martijn Wijnia pres majesta - Not the end (Tom Colontonio remix)
Aly and Fila - Key of life (original mix)
Butterflies && Hurricanes
Pulsedriver - Vagabonds (Live @ Dp Mix)
Nobuo Uematsu - The Oath
Megu Wakakusa - Omoi, Afureta
Keramick and Lobo - Somewhere in between
Unleashed - Zeropoint (keygen)
Mary Mcdowell - May it be
Paul Oakenfold - Jazzy Vibe
Springbreak - Big Bad Love
Infected Mushroom - Cities of the future
Infected Mushroom - Converting vegetarians
Infected Mushroom - Before
Infected Mushroom - Illuminaughty
Infected Mushroom - Coolio (astrix remix)
Minimalistix - Close cover
Oliver Koletzki - Der M├╝ckenschwarm (Dominik Eulberg Remix)
Marcus Schossow - Mr white
DiGERATi - FontLab Studio 5.0crk.XM
Cowboy bebop - Mellow Progression (Animeremix)
Thomas Newman - Any Other Name
Cascada - miracle
Deep Voices - your picture
DJ Tiesto - Magik Journey
ATB - Desperate religion
Aurora - Ordinary World
Dht Feat. Edmee - Someone [Furious F Ez Remix]
IIO - Rapture
Infected Mushroom - Meduzz
Bang Bang - Inside
DJ Shog - Another World
Minimalistix - Close Cover
Tenchi Universe - MournFul Heart (Animeremix)
Micha Moor - space (rocco and bass t remix)
Linkin Park - Session
Tunnel Allstars - Das boot (TJ)
Velure - Words to speak
Apollo - In my dreams
Manian - Turn the tides
Noir - Corsican Trance Disco Ninjas
Nujabs & Fat Jon - mystline
Nujabs & Fat Jon - Aruarian dance
Public Enemy - He got game
Va sensation White 2005 CD1
Art Of Trance - Easter Island (cygnus X Mix)
Lasgo - Something
Nexus - NexXxuS Paradize
Daft Punk - Aerodynamic (Daft Punk Remix)
Wavetraxx - nightshift
Oliva - Your not alone
Akyra - Thru Me
Babel OST - Deportation Iguazu
Filterfunk - Message In A Bottle [Delano & Crockett Remix]
Tiesto - Athena
Wayne jan and scarlet - Time stood stil
Steven Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso - Umbrella
Mono - Silicone
Daft Punk - Something about us
Powerface - Imagine Yourself (Megara vs Dj Lee Remix)
Charlie Clouser - Zepp Overature
Deadly Avenger - Artisan
Mick McAuley and Winifred Horan - A Daisy In December
Moby- Why Does My Heart-Ferry Corsten Mix
The Vagabond
Gorillaz - November Has Come
Heaven Scent - Bedrock
Tomcraft - Loneliness
Ronald Van Gelderen - Brightness (Original Mix)
[02] Sensation White 2006
Jay Alansky - Shrink
Paul Oakenfold - Perfecto Fluoro - CD 1 - 02 - Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (Ryuchi Sakamoto)
Gabriel & Dresden - Dust in the Wind
Air - Casanova 70
Final Fantasy X-2 - 1000 No Kotoba (piano)
Dj Liquid - I close my eyes (techno trance remix)
Benjamin Bates - Locked
muse - apocalypse please
muse - bliss
Paul Oakenfold - Starry Eyed Surprise

ville valo and natalia avelon - summer wine
TAkeshi Kobayashi - Ether tune
Tupac - crooked nigga too
Rank 1 - Airwave
monsieur louis - danse de cygnes (radio mix)
Santana Feat. Eric Clapton - The Calling
keramick and lobo - blind light
Darude - Feel The Beat
nobuo uematsu - black water
t. parker - mighy quinn (turbo_mix)
Paul Oakenfold Vs Africa Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force - Planet Rock (Swordfish Mix)
Dj carbunk1e -DarkProphecy
emerald singers - kayama
Kronos Quartet Performs Philip Glass - String Quartet No.2
kan cold - restart (extended mix)
Atb - a dream about you
barthezz - on the move
Gaia - 4 Elements

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Irony; Wishing and being afraid of ignorance at the same time,for it is true, ignorance is bliss.

Why is it that when our minds are nearly exploding with thoughts, we implode instead, keeping it all inside, suffering.
Perhaps a defense mechanism, for those around us, everyone hates emos. The ones who do explode, we have a name for them. some call them outgoing, some call them attention whores.
in the end, its all about our intentions.

Music sure is interesting, even more so, its effect
emotion stirring, thought provoking, instigating unknown feelings, so i shall spare my notepad.

Self elitists are so fucking irritating, sadder is their integral belief that they are elite.I W O U L D K N O W.
they are everywhere, some media sadly further encourages them to double their attitude with vehemence. a prime example would be the internet.
a most cureious creation.
one word can come close to describing it; behemoth. probably the most powerful invention of the century, ever growing, ever expanding.
information overflowing in the underwater pipes, the lengths of fibers.
the scary assortment of the most organised and most random sequences of useless to inforamation we cant live without.
G o o G l e , statistics speak for it, millions use it daily, its minimalism most impressive, yet its internals utilising most complex and advanced protocols, hardware, and most important of all, coding.

If your reading this, whoever you are, then i am currently thinking of sharing this as i write, which serves no point, random blabbings as i once called this type of random typing into notepad.

Typing is strangely satisfying, the sound of the keystrokes, low in the mystic beats of my random play on winamp. my mind at a rare peace, the house empty, thoughts flying, chess in mind, for some reason, a random song i didnt hear in a very long time "lost guide" , hope i can find it somewhere, didnt find it on my pc.

Slowly, this could be turning into a blog entry, a new type of blogging, just for the sake of it, consisting of FTP and .txts. lal.

ive been delving deeper and deeper into The scene, warez, piracy, the more i find about it, the more i am amazed by it, the intricate infrastructure, the strict protocols, the dedication of its members, the enthusiasm of its following, definitely awe-inspiring.

The sunset and moon were equally beautiful yesterday, the 23d. Beautiful round red sun, fading into the distance, the equally round, full moon, with its visible imperfections, increasing its beauty, the gentle cold breeze brushing against my bald head. definitely peacefully fulfilling. with every passing day, i fall more and more in love with nature and minimalism, dreaming of a solitary life in the wild, private island, middle of the desert, waterfalls, jungles, would be nice to live alone or with a loved one while they last.
the loved ones, and the nature.

i wonder if this is all out of boredom,loneliness or the aforementioned near implosion.

who knows.
who cares.

watched the matrix trilogy this week, definitely a movie i love, like most great movies, it has a love/hate following. some call it genius, others blasphemous.again

who knows.
who cares.

it is entertaining, thought evoking,... i cant do this, everytime i try to describe a movie or game or song, i remember amazing reviews ive read, particularily the one on imdb for lost in translation, had it saved somewhere, will post it later. if i decide to ever post this offcource.

edit : this is the review.
Breathtaking and beautiful - improves on second viewing
, 7 December 2003
Author: moviefan08 (

colors are amazing, i can stare infront of me with a hollow gaze for a long time, just taking it all in, the digital vibrance of my screen, the beautiful contrast of the horizon, everyday objects, cars, life flowing.

this is it for this session, i still cant let everything inside me out, whether to a person, or a secret diary. my secrets are mine, i have proven it to myself on many occasions.

a reminder : i fucking love minimalism, i hope its portrayed in the above, my latest change, clothing, writing, talking, attitude. hope.

hej da -1
i crack me up. (hej da(however the fuck its spelled, is hello, i think, if i remember ikea right) and -1 implies the inverse of whats before it, so yea, ha ha.)

.. a few minutes later, i opened notepad again.

i have this thing in my nature, where i cant fully enjoy something if i dont share it, this extreme urge to share what i love, be it a movie, song or book, even an idea. i just have to know that someone else enjoyed it.

i am off.

reminder 2 : grammar, punctuation and sense were not checked. this is probably full of crap.

reminder 3 : decided i am too lazy to set up the ftp/txt shit, when i already have an idle blog.