Thursday, August 14, 2008

The storm before the calm

The storm before the calm - a different poem, a new approach

the world can see some change
it's time, a generation filled with rage
the curses stacked on us
from oppression comes the derranged
but also a greater many
a new revolutionary race
our blood boils with injustice
our fates, certain yet strange
we dreamt of far greater things
for the heirloom wasnt completely derailed
an inspiration to live and prosper
and willingly submit to his grace
for like us, they were once the new generation
looked down on for their degredation
man's ego filter's out self-judgment
But the others have many more mistakes!
look into yourself, there's the corruption
the wrong of our society is inside you
poisoning your heart, in a daze
what we need is a leader to unite us
selflessly teach and guide us
show us into ourselves
the path starts with a mirror
the truth liberates all ends
it's a cycle that's ever flowing
golden age to a has-been great
pass the role to the next contestant
we dream of power, we shall not share
tell me now, what about an age
where, united, we achieve the true golden
no contestants plotting away
to tear a title, we seflessly worked for
unto their lands, no longer vane
give me that world, and you can have my soul
i dream hard, and i dream long