Sunday, December 30, 2007

Unlocking Dubai

Like the 6th grader i was, playing Grand Theft Auto 3, trying to get across the bridge into the next city and unlocking more and more new places, I've been trying to unlock dubai as a cyclist, and today, the vision has become a reality. I have managed to make my way from Qusais to Sheikh Zayed Road on a single gear BMX bicycle. I have also made a great achievment in a more personal matter today, so its been a great day.

The weather was beautiful as always, the sunrise stunning as it could get, and the moon radient as its morning self can be. The chilling wind is a great way to wake up, along with a steaming cup of coffee. Its amazing how much work the RTA is doing these days, you cant go a block without seeing some roadwork and diversions, its really impressive albeit temporarily annoying, as the end product seems to be very promising.Sneaking into City Centre at 6:30 AM was a lot more fun than i imagined it would be, watching the beast being prepared for yet another day.

The floating bridge truly is impressive, constructed in record time, has enough lanes to support a great number of cars, and with no vehicles over 2.5 Tonnes allowed, its always quite fast moving. Another great thing about it is that its pedestrian friendly, with side paths for pedestrians and bikes. The creek is a really beautiful place in the mornings, still as a mirror, with the beautiful rays of morning light reflecting gently on its smooth surface.
Being short on cash as i had left my wallet at home, i had 10dhs to get lunch, so i decided to try something, i bought a pack of 5 dates and a 500ml bottle of fresh milk and was amazed at how refreshing it was, after 6+ hours of cycling, and only a salad and juice for breakfast, it actually made me feel saturated and energised and i didnt feel hungry again until 7pm or so.
Overall, it was a great day, physical endurance, experimental eating, experiencing nature. I had my fill of new stuff for the week, advanced happy new year everyone, although i dont see the point in celebrating a new year, since its a new year everyday.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


The storm before the calm

the world can see some change
it's time, a generation filled with rage
the curses stacked on us
from oppression comes the derranged
but also a greater many
a new revolutionary race
our blood boils with injustice
our fates, certain yet strange
we dreamt of far greater things
for the heirloom wasnt completely derailed
an inspiration to live and prosper
and willingly submit to his grace
for like us, they were once the new generation
looked down on for their degredation
man's ego filter's out self-judgment
But the others have many more mistakes!
look into yourself, there's the corruption
the wrong of our society is inside you
poisoning your heart, in a daze
what we need is a leader to unite us
selflessly teach and guide us
show us into ourselves
the path starts with a mirror
the truth liberates all ends
it's a cycle that's ever flowing
golden age to a has-been great
pass the role to the next contestant
we dream of power, we shall not share
tell me now, what about an age
where, united, we achieve the true golden
no contestants plotting away
to tear a title, we seflessly worked for
unto their lands, no longer vane
give me that world, and you can have my soul
i dream hard, and i dream long

The stars

How i miss that sparkle,
The endless carpet of light
Two stars transcended reality
Gazing deep into my life
My eyes lingered on them
Attached and deeply surprised
A treasure in my own skies
A light shining so bright
Amidst the black heights
The moon's face opens my eyes
My heart softens,
My tears delight
The days no less,
Glorious or bright,
The sun's warmth, blooms my life
Cleansing, pure blissful cries
The memories remain,
In my moments of darkness
Always missing your light


An ongoing contradiction
My drive, opposed and afloat
A catalyst could save face and time
But Ive run out of catalysts this time
To trust my nature with the outcome
Perhaps the gamble will fruit
Hoping the desire strengthens what was once weak
The sleepless nights witness
The passage of time substantiates
Opportunities don't last forever


If only words carried the coherence of my thoughts
perhaps, the curse would be lifted.
If only light shone under those stairs
perhaps, the mind would have once more visited
If only my eyes saw beyond yours
perhaps, things would again relate
If only this pain didn't taste so sweet
perhaps, oh no, no need
The answers are all clear, the path, wholely unseen
Ifluenced and guided, struggling to breathe

Solitary Transit

When your trapped in that short time lapse
watching everything around you just collapse
you want it gone, though you want it bad
confusion, pain. you just wish its back.
some people never learn,
others give up fast.
The pursuit of a dream
a vision, the past
when failure's a passion
a longing, don't ask.
bygone and unknown
all that i ask,
a single request,
let me forget, let me rest.


The black road stretches,
Two forks, glistening waves
The snow, pure
White, unforgiving
The delicate trees,
Predictable curves, slender branches
No loose ends, no imperfections
Two sides, two oceans
black, moonlit ripples
deep, ensnaring
elusive, forbidden
My locked utopia

Psychedelic Paranoia

Like a mother’s urge,
The clouds cover
The sun, submerged
Light stutters
A black gleam,
Tender skies
Nightmares, dreams
Distant cries
Fear, every paralyzing
Paranoia, shiver enticing
Loud Thuds, invisible assailant
Wild thugs, distant conveyers
The pain of others
Confused, Troubled, Stressed
Constantly differently expressed
Characters speak for themselves
Let it out or keep it opressed
Experience the pain, depressed
The answer is simple
Life is short
Just like a pimple
It wont last long
Worry about it,
And time is gone
Let it be,
and it will be worn

In your shoes

An unspoken sympathy
at days ruthless apathy
pinged but never ponged
a love that can cross oceans
a rejection that defies motion
hope, not yet lost
so much for surface tensionfor
this one's truly lost
a section once undetermined
blinded, reprimanded
deaf but to one thought
now . a mere crater
empty, for years to come, locked.
Internal wars, bleeding
one road, pure dreaming
another, logic screaming
in the end
human nature, won.


The gentle breeze
Muscles throbbing
Squinting seer
Destination, a state of mind
The mind has limits
Emotions curve,
Sight without vision,
Aimless walks
A random gesture,
A stranger smiles
Nature happens,
a bird flies
Mundane yet worthy,
Relaxed, now focusing

Creative Avoidance

What good is a path,
if you were never meant to follow it
What good is a destiny,
if you were never meant to write it
A realization,
its all in your hand
With determination,
grasp and understand
A concept so simple,
you get what you want
You work and you try,
then you try and you work

A branch away

Light my abyss
my companions' flight
false things happened
my blindfolded life
a path of redemption
a fulfilling dimension
prospective exception
all doors must collide
the advent of an era
an inner demeanour
a revolution of the mind
down with teh illusions
out with the pure
engulf me, oh glory
with change, comes delight


find me the point of a world you cannot share
with every attempt to enunciate comes a fail
a powerful passion in my fiery depths awaits
you have the key to my own
now unleash the breeze
for it will uplift you
beyond the reach of earthly afflictions

Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak to everyone, I hope everyone had a pleasant vacation, I know i did.
I had a fun Eid, 3 days of fun ending in being sick at home with a Flu.
Watched Hitman and 40 Days of Night, loved Hitman, hated 40 Days of Night, one of the worst movies i've seen.
Just finished watching I am Legend, awesome movie, definitely a favourite, a bit too short though, more details about his day to day life and how he set up his home right at the very start would've been interesting. Playing cards at night while smoking Shisha is a great experience, can't believe i didnt try it before. I dont have much to say today, too tired.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Organised Chaos

The Organized random chaotic nature of the universe still sends me tripping for hours, almost as much as the humorously repetitive nature of humans.

Everything can appear so random, like global warming, when it\s just an old boring stage of an old boring cycle, nothing new, move along. Humans are over dramatic, highly reactive, ungrateful t... wait, this isnt going anywhere..

I've been hit by another spasm of lazy this week, over sleeping, doing nothing fruitful, so much for revising my math. guess i'll just suffer for the first while in university, i can live with that..
gonna go to university tomorrow to pay my fees. ahh music is very interesting, vocals really ruin it, telling you when to think what, what to feel when. I say all music should be non-vocal, like electronica, chill out, classical.. our brains and imagination are good enough to think what we feel, decide for ourselves, its a whole lot more stimulating, a whole lot many things...
cigars and red bull are amazing together.. enough for now, i have things to be done, oh yea, i kinda decided to fuck the grammatical/vocabulary integrity of this blog. boo-fucking-ya.

Monday, December 10, 2007

I am in Love

I had my math placement test at university today, it was a lot harder than i expected and i can definitely say i got owned.

it was nothing unexpected though, since most of it was stuff i didn't take anyway. i had an awesome barbecue a few days ago, the best food i ever ate. the beautiful weather and nature added alot to the experience.

I am totally in love, with nature, its unfaltering beauty, food, its sensational flavors, Portal, i fell in love with it again, it truly is an amazing game, one of a kind.
Chess, although i didn't play since my defeats with my uncle, i fall in love with it more and more everyday, as i see its relations and metaphors in real life and finally with Mathematics, truly otherworldly.

I am currently trying to fix my life as i am my chess skills, rather than making strong moves into the right path and working hard on them, i am still at the stage where i am trying to avoid common mistakes and traps, fiends of my past. Like the first part of a chess game, we secure our position, set a path for the end game, for all of chess, like life, is leading to the 'end game'. Then comes the middle game, where you must strategize and plan strong moves that will guarantee a secure passage through the end game.
My shadow screams get a life, but i r happyz.

Listening to Camel while in a car with open windows, and a driver going FAST is an awesome experience, specially after a long, tiring day.

Naps are scary, they are like a drug, more enjoyable than a full nights sleep, yet time consuming and unproductive, my instinct tells me to stay awake, my eyes tell me to leave them alone and give in.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I wrote a post earlier and it got deleted, thanks to blogger, writing it again now.
I slept most of today, from 1am last night to 1pm this afternoon then slept again at 2pm because i was tired, and woke up at 7pm. I am kind of sick, bad stomach and headache and generally feeling weak. Took some meds, and feeling a bit better now, but still tired.

I played 3 games of chess with my uncle, he won them all, donno if he's too good or i am too bad..

I am gonna buy a new soundsytem, had to decide whether to get an Onkyo or Yamaha 5.1+amp. Or logitech x-540+ XFI Xtreme sound card. Decided on the second for a few reasons that i am too lazy to mention here. Hopefully i'll have the moniz soon.

hmmm. kthxbai

Saturday, December 1, 2007


I think the daily blogging was interrupted for a day or two, cant remember right.
I've been busy with a few things these days, hopefully the boring weekdays to come will be more blog-worthy.

I had difficulty sleeping for the past 2 days.
Couldn't sleep till 6AM or 7AM. All because of that cup of coffee a few days ago. Sigh.

I burned my mouth yesterday, was having lunch and ate those small potatoes that are grilled whole, in their skin and everything. Lets just say, it was a lot hotter than it looked. My mouth is now full of blisters and shit.

I couldnt play chess for these past days...
I am going out in a bit, and can't make this into a regular sized post.