Sunday, December 30, 2007

Unlocking Dubai

Like the 6th grader i was, playing Grand Theft Auto 3, trying to get across the bridge into the next city and unlocking more and more new places, I've been trying to unlock dubai as a cyclist, and today, the vision has become a reality. I have managed to make my way from Qusais to Sheikh Zayed Road on a single gear BMX bicycle. I have also made a great achievment in a more personal matter today, so its been a great day.

The weather was beautiful as always, the sunrise stunning as it could get, and the moon radient as its morning self can be. The chilling wind is a great way to wake up, along with a steaming cup of coffee. Its amazing how much work the RTA is doing these days, you cant go a block without seeing some roadwork and diversions, its really impressive albeit temporarily annoying, as the end product seems to be very promising.Sneaking into City Centre at 6:30 AM was a lot more fun than i imagined it would be, watching the beast being prepared for yet another day.

The floating bridge truly is impressive, constructed in record time, has enough lanes to support a great number of cars, and with no vehicles over 2.5 Tonnes allowed, its always quite fast moving. Another great thing about it is that its pedestrian friendly, with side paths for pedestrians and bikes. The creek is a really beautiful place in the mornings, still as a mirror, with the beautiful rays of morning light reflecting gently on its smooth surface.
Being short on cash as i had left my wallet at home, i had 10dhs to get lunch, so i decided to try something, i bought a pack of 5 dates and a 500ml bottle of fresh milk and was amazed at how refreshing it was, after 6+ hours of cycling, and only a salad and juice for breakfast, it actually made me feel saturated and energised and i didnt feel hungry again until 7pm or so.
Overall, it was a great day, physical endurance, experimental eating, experiencing nature. I had my fill of new stuff for the week, advanced happy new year everyone, although i dont see the point in celebrating a new year, since its a new year everyday.

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