Monday, February 12, 2007

Behind the mask

For those who dont know, My header image, is the jabal hafeet mountain road in Al ain, considered "the greatest driving road in the world".

Back to the main topic, me.

Abdul-Razak , born in 1990 to Syrian/Romanian parents, life was nothing but a myriad of randomness. i spent the first 7 years of my life, travelling between Syria, Romania and Egypt until finally settling in The united arab emirates in 1997, which i could call home for the past 10 years.

I found Dubai to be a new world, my young self stared in awe at the then modest yet astoundingly clean, developed and 'homely' place. The ride from the airport to my new home, on the smooth roads that were an unknown luxury to me, having lived in less developed countries like Syria and Egypt, was a ride, that i would never forget.

As i grew up, so did Dubai, from a small clean city, to a metropolis, the would be business capital of the middle east. Corporations from around the world, eyed Dubai with interest, could this be the business capital of the future?, slowly, they started setting headquarters in Dubai, leading their operations in the middle east. Then came tourism, who wouldve thought, a tiny fishing city/pearl diving city on the coast of a distant sea, would rise to such fame, already a favoured destination among tourists, it continues to grow, with projects like The palm, and The World attracting the attention of millions.

And so, theres Dubai, and theres me, and heres what we've both become. hope i didnt bore u with my history lesson ^_^.

from now on , call me Arso.


Anonymous said...

Never knew about 'the greatest driving road in the world' to be found here! Thanks for that info!

Nice self-introductory post, Arso.

Gautam said...

Good to learn a bit about you...some of your thoughts & experiences refreshed my memories..!!

Anonymous said...

Well im just glad 'ARSO' came to 'DUBAI'



blog more!!! :D

happy valentines!

Anonymous said...

btw its me katrina lol