Tuesday, February 13, 2007

MSB of the week (Movie,Song,Book)

In this weekly post, i'll post my favorite Movie, Song and Book of the corresponding week.

So for this week :

Movie :

Blood diamond

IMDB profile , Trailer


Southern sun - Paul Oakenfold download

A light trance single, by Paul oakenfold, the above download is remixed by Dj Tiesto


The Beach by Alex Garland

A psychological thriller, dealing with an englishman's quest to find a utopic beach, and how he deals with its community.

That would be all for this week, hope you like my taste.


Doubleletter said...

Ah, good, a movie fan. I loved Blood Diamond, and reviewed it a few posts back.

I hope Leo wins an Oscar for his performance. He's the only one with a chance of beating Forrest Whittaker. But now, as I watch The Last King of Scotland, I think it is Whittaker's year !

I read The Beach a time ago: good book. I never saw the movie though. Ah wait, that starred Leo too ! Do you believe in Synchronicity/Coincidences ?

Arso said...

yes, i do believe in coincidences/synchronicity, i am currently reading the beach , which starred leo, before that i was reading catch me if u can , which also starred leo, and last movie i saw was blood diamond, which also starred leo, i dont even like the guy :S, but hes a good actor, he does deserve an oscar, will smith was great in pursuit of happyness too.

moviemania said...

Blood Diamond was excellent, Leo's performance was moving!