Monday, November 26, 2007

Physics and Movies

I have a physics exam in 2 hours
half of it is gonna be from lessons from the year i skipped, the other half is from the stuff i took 3 years ago that i cant remember.
i solved a sample paper, the only available on the university site, hoping for the best.
had a redbull and Mars chocolate, hyper as fuck now.
coding and scripting are awesome, a friend of mine just made a little application that watches a directory for a new .torrent file and a directory with the same name, extract the RARs and determine the tv show name and place it in the correct directory, fucking sweet. damn the scene for their rar'ing rules, i understand the need for them, but it feels retarded for a 180mb tv show, or 8gb+ HD movie or Game image. ah well, still thankful to the scene and its rigid rules, keeps shit together.
Witnessed a few nuke wars, fucking funny to watch. i doubt anyone reading this, if any, knows what the fuck a nuke war is. ah well.
Downloaded a few movies off the best HD tracker, that had freeleech for 2 straight days :D

Already seen them all, except memento, but not in High Definition, so should be a fun watch.
Memento had good reviews on IMDB so it better be good.
The uaecommunity blog is becoming increasingly boring and irritating, whining has limits.
I need decent speakers, my Technics Headphones recently broke, which fucking stinks, theyr still functioning properly, but one of the earphones got dislocated a bit, so i have to fix it , wear it, then when i remove it , its fucked again, not urgent, but decently needed.

DJ Tiesto\Best_of_the_Djs_vol.3_-_Dj_Tiesto_-_The_Magikan_(3_cd's)\Cd3\06_dj_tiesto-sparkles_magikal_radio_edit-2db.mp3
is a great song, ah crap, should put that in the music post.

This is it for now, i think, still considering making the 'blog' with proper grammar, punctuation ,capitalization n shit, but donno, sounds boring... typing freely into notepad is a privelage i love.

alright then. later.


Anonymous said...

Redbull? I thought you stopped drinking it. Well, I guess you need that energy when you're taking an exam, considering that you don't know half of the material covered. I don't understand the tech stuff so I'll leave it at that. I recommended Memento to you earlier, it seemed interesting but it's a shame I didn't get to see it myself. Speaking of headphones, I should've left the Sony noise canceling ones with you, I haven't been using it and besides, my mom forgot about it. I could do the mundane, grammar proofread for you but then again, it's your own choice to keep it in free form ^^

Anonymous said...

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