Tuesday, November 27, 2007




No idea why.

This is forming.

Into a very nice shape.

My physics test yesterday went as well as i expected it not to, around a third of it was stuff i never heard off, that i had to guess off, which is still decent, since its multiple choice, 25% chance off each guess.

Been playing a lot of chess lately, on my computer. Chessmaster : Grandmaster Edition, i used to play the older version of this game 2 years ago, it has great tutorials, which i am going through now.

I had a weird thing today, nothing was downloading....
everything i wanted has finished at night.
It was a weird feeling, this hasnt happened in around 2months.
But it didnt last for long, i set up my rss to auto-download some freeleech to seed, so its all busy again.

When will people realise, that being miserable of your imperfection, rather than embracing it and recoiling better in your tough spots, is what forms a better person. probably never.

I have a headache forming now, great.

Ahh, I decided to slowly try to fix my grammer, spellings ,etc.
However, i am gonna do it all manually, with each post, I'll try to be more and more careful, but I will never use spell checkers or anything, the usual method of writing into Notepad, and Copy.Paste.

Heroes was released today, too bad the High definition release was by Dimensions, one of the shittiest HD encoders, so I had to settle for the standard HDTV. Ah well, still not in the mood to watch though.
Watched some Ugly betty this morning, not a bad show for mornings. A dead son just returned as a very much alive daughter. Weird plot twist.

I got the movie 'The Ten' yesterday, it seems interesting, a friend of mine saw it in a film festival and said it was worth a watch. I think its a limited release movie. Will check it out later tonight.

The coming weekend is gonna be interesting, My uncle is coming to the country on Thursday, from Mordor. Woops, I meant abroad.
Then a friend's birthday later, should be entertaining. Friday is gonna be a regular friday, Prayer, Relaxing, maybe I'll go Biking again. And finally Saturday, still confidential, but if the person I am trying to organise it with doesnt fucking respond, then 3 people are gonna be disappointed. One, Sympathetic to the deflation of another.

Haven't listened to any music today, but I will keep my Music post updated, with Music my (Winamp set to random) will turn up with.


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Anonymous said...

Since it was a placement test, I don't think it's as important as taking the IGs. It does ensure you of a class that'll match your ability. Now that I've been looking into it, there's a lot of hype surrounding the SATs. My AP exams actually seem more challenging. God.

'When will people realise... probably never.' There are exceptions out there. The other day, I used my inability in a class assignment as a source of motivation. It made me feel more accomplished and I thought of what you said.

Glad to see you blogging regularly!