Saturday, December 1, 2007


I think the daily blogging was interrupted for a day or two, cant remember right.
I've been busy with a few things these days, hopefully the boring weekdays to come will be more blog-worthy.

I had difficulty sleeping for the past 2 days.
Couldn't sleep till 6AM or 7AM. All because of that cup of coffee a few days ago. Sigh.

I burned my mouth yesterday, was having lunch and ate those small potatoes that are grilled whole, in their skin and everything. Lets just say, it was a lot hotter than it looked. My mouth is now full of blisters and shit.

I couldnt play chess for these past days...
I am going out in a bit, and can't make this into a regular sized post.


Anonymous said...

This morning, as I was about to sleep, there were flashes of bizarre images in my mind. I felt paralysed by it. I gave a cry, turned my head and managed to snap out of that state. I don't know if that can be considered a nightmare since I hadn't fallen asleep yet but it was really unnerving. I wanted to share this because it's very rare (almost never) that something like it happens to me.

Now onto something related to your post. Regular blogging doesn't have to be a daily task. We, readers (lurkers), are not all that demanding. Stick to a pace you're comfortable in. You have my support.

Sad to hear that, here's hoping that you feel better.

dnilo said...

lol @ michiko's reference to "lurkers" :P