Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I wrote a post earlier and it got deleted, thanks to blogger, writing it again now.
I slept most of today, from 1am last night to 1pm this afternoon then slept again at 2pm because i was tired, and woke up at 7pm. I am kind of sick, bad stomach and headache and generally feeling weak. Took some meds, and feeling a bit better now, but still tired.

I played 3 games of chess with my uncle, he won them all, donno if he's too good or i am too bad..

I am gonna buy a new soundsytem, had to decide whether to get an Onkyo or Yamaha 5.1+amp. Or logitech x-540+ XFI Xtreme sound card. Decided on the second for a few reasons that i am too lazy to mention here. Hopefully i'll have the moniz soon.

hmmm. kthxbai

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