Monday, December 10, 2007

I am in Love

I had my math placement test at university today, it was a lot harder than i expected and i can definitely say i got owned.

it was nothing unexpected though, since most of it was stuff i didn't take anyway. i had an awesome barbecue a few days ago, the best food i ever ate. the beautiful weather and nature added alot to the experience.

I am totally in love, with nature, its unfaltering beauty, food, its sensational flavors, Portal, i fell in love with it again, it truly is an amazing game, one of a kind.
Chess, although i didn't play since my defeats with my uncle, i fall in love with it more and more everyday, as i see its relations and metaphors in real life and finally with Mathematics, truly otherworldly.

I am currently trying to fix my life as i am my chess skills, rather than making strong moves into the right path and working hard on them, i am still at the stage where i am trying to avoid common mistakes and traps, fiends of my past. Like the first part of a chess game, we secure our position, set a path for the end game, for all of chess, like life, is leading to the 'end game'. Then comes the middle game, where you must strategize and plan strong moves that will guarantee a secure passage through the end game.
My shadow screams get a life, but i r happyz.

Listening to Camel while in a car with open windows, and a driver going FAST is an awesome experience, specially after a long, tiring day.

Naps are scary, they are like a drug, more enjoyable than a full nights sleep, yet time consuming and unproductive, my instinct tells me to stay awake, my eyes tell me to leave them alone and give in.

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Anonymous said...

I've always found that a beautiful, dead-on metaphor about life. What an introspective 6 months it has been! All the best to your middle game strategy. As a friend, it's great to see you heading somewhere knowing the part that I played before.

What I love about naps is that sometimes, when I wake up, I lose my sense of time momentarily and THAT feels otherworldy. I don't want to jolt myself back to Earth from that blissful, numbing feeling. I just want to lie down and forget that time exists.