Sunday, December 16, 2007

Organised Chaos

The Organized random chaotic nature of the universe still sends me tripping for hours, almost as much as the humorously repetitive nature of humans.

Everything can appear so random, like global warming, when it\s just an old boring stage of an old boring cycle, nothing new, move along. Humans are over dramatic, highly reactive, ungrateful t... wait, this isnt going anywhere..

I've been hit by another spasm of lazy this week, over sleeping, doing nothing fruitful, so much for revising my math. guess i'll just suffer for the first while in university, i can live with that..
gonna go to university tomorrow to pay my fees. ahh music is very interesting, vocals really ruin it, telling you when to think what, what to feel when. I say all music should be non-vocal, like electronica, chill out, classical.. our brains and imagination are good enough to think what we feel, decide for ourselves, its a whole lot more stimulating, a whole lot many things...
cigars and red bull are amazing together.. enough for now, i have things to be done, oh yea, i kinda decided to fuck the grammatical/vocabulary integrity of this blog. boo-fucking-ya.


Anonymous said...

Where did Midnight Siesta's audience go? Anyway, intriguing title. It says a lot with what's going on between us and the world. I think there was a local band with the same name and another one called Chaotic Order.

You've taught me that about music and I've appreciated diversity since. Vocals are fine with me so long as it isn't formulaic but actually furthers thought processes as well as inciting our own emotions based off the song. Music is subjective, much like a point of view is.

Hah, cigars. I remember. Well, just take care and have no regrets about your decisions. If grammar/vocab hinders your train of thought then forget about it. It'll just come naturally along the way.

Anonymous said...

Eid Mubarak! ^^